Any wedding large or small

Always involves major planning and massive cost, no matter how hard you try it is impossible to plan for an unexpected disaster.

Wedding Venue cancelled 7 days before the big day

Weddings in the UK are very expensive now costing on average over £20,000 and we can imagine that price will continue to rise. Most couples have worked very hard to save for the cost of their wedding. They have a list of how they want things to go and a budget for getting it done.

Unfortunately, some things are out of your control when it comes to planning your wedding. Weather, illness or even a shaky vendor can spell disaster for couples.

The news is full of wedding horror stories including venues going bust, wedding cars not turning up or breaking down, accidents on the way to the church or at the reception etc.

Last year the Birmingham Mail reported on the wedding of bride-to-be Sana Iftikhar and her fiancé Shiraz Malik who had booked Studley Castle as their dream wedding venue. With less than a week to the wedding Studley castle owners called and cancelled their booking as the ceiling had fallen in.

The couple had already paid out around £4000 to Studley and were offered no refund or compensation and not only were they faced with finding another venue with less than a week to go they also had to notify over 600 guests and faced additional costs of £10,000 (Ten Thousand Pounds!)

Bride injured on the way to her wedding in a Horse drawn carriage

Sophie Clarke had planned her fairytale wedding for three years spending a fortune on her wedding dress, the reception venue and a beautifully romantic horse drawn carriage to take her to the church on time.

On the way to the church the horse bolted into the path of an oncoming truck, Sophie’s father pushed her out of the carriage and jumped out after leaving her badly injured and with concussion.

The wedding was postponed.

Overseas wedding nightmare

Lots of British couples dream of tying the knot on a Caribbean island with white sand and blue seas and the overseas wedding market is absolutely booming. Probably something to do with the good old British Weather!

For Simmone Edwards and Samuel Hibberd the Dominican Republic seemed the perfect destination for a romantic Island wedding.

Unfortunately they were given the wrong information about the Dominican Republics wedding laws and they were forced to get married three days earlier than they had planned and before any of their guests had arrived.

Their wedding was further ruined as at the reception the bride & groom and many guests got food poisoning.

Planning a Wedding?

If you are planning a wedding in the UK or overseas it is a good idea to include Wedding Insurance in your budget to give you peace of mind whatever happens, other than either one of you getting cold feet!  You will be financially protected.

We would also like to hear from you if you have experienced a last minute hitch to your wedding and feel you would like to share your experience with other soon to be wed couples.

Also if you have any experience of wedding insurance claims please send us the details.

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